Five Years. Tech Stream of Consciousness.


Five years ago MountainPass Technology began its work of helping companies of all sizes on web and mobile software development projects. Five years later, it is a thrill to be in touch with most of those companies and to have watched them grow, evolve, change, and learn as markets continue to shift at incredible speeds.

We’ve seen iOS go through several versions and a major design change (losing skeuomorphism in iOS6). Ruby on Rails is well into version 4. Android OS has matured dramatically including better location services and slicker UIs to match more powerful hardware. WordPress seems to update their versions almost monthly, now automatically and in the background.

At a recent talk about one of our projects (BusWhere), I set up a slide with some of the technologies that we stitch together to make a single product work. I thought I’d review that list here and add some other arrows that have been in our quiver for the last 5 years. So here goes — if this list looks daunting I will say that 5 years ago it would have looked that way to us as well… Please contact us if you have a project that would benefit from these experiences, or if you are a developer and eager to join our efforts!

I call this “Technology Stream of Consciousness”, with the only requirement being that we’ve actively worked with these in the last 5 years:

iOS. iPhone. iPad. Objective C. Swift. Sqlite. Push Notifications. Android. GCM. Java. HIPAA. Android Studio. Xcode. GPS. Geofences. Pivotal Tracker. Github. Codeship. Continuous Integration. Semaphore. Godaddy. Deliverability. Sendgrid. MailChimp. Geonames. GPG. SSH. SSL. Apache. Nginx. Passenger. Cron. Firehost. Heroku. Gigya. PHP. WordPress. Hostgator. Rackspace. Testflight. Chrome Extensions. Cybersource. Alertlogic. Trustwave. Neustar. Olark, Rollbar. Moodlerooms. SVN. Unfuddle. Pingdom. Jira. Facebook. Twitter. Medialets. Crittercism. Crashlytics. Photoshop. uTest. Balsamiq. Slack. Trustkeeper. Stripe. Usability. PubNub. Push. Mysql. Postgres. Memcache. Redis. Sidekiq. Rspec. EngineYard. Bootstrap. Angular. Iframes. Monit. Amazon Web Services. Load balancing. Encryption. Twilio. Google Analytics. Mixpanel. AirWatch. Google Docs.

The power of the tools at our disposal is unprecedented. We look forward to hearing how we can help you!

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