BasicHIPAA: Self-service HIPAA Compliance and Security Risk Assessments


We are proud to announce that our new self-service HIPAA compliance portal is now live. Check it out at!

The project was born out of 10 years of working with organizations to get their compliance house in order. We found a lot of confusion as to what was required and how to get there, and over the course of walking them through the various requirements we found that a good deal of it could be automated, putting control back in the hands of the responsible organizations. BasicHIPAA is the product of that vision.

BasicHIPAA was created with the goal of letting small- and mid-sized organizations manage their own compliance, in a user-friendly and auditor-friendly interface, at a small fraction of the cost of a 3rd-party audit. Even if an audit is required, BasicHIPAA lets you track your continuing compliance requirements and perform on-demand Security Risk Analyses, which would be part of the picture that a 3rd-party auditor would want to see.

We guide members through three primary steps toward compliance:
* Preliminary Security Risk Assessment (self-assessment) to create a baseline and highlight what is missing
* Remediation of findings from the preliminary SRA
* Ongoing compliance activities such as firewall checks, VPN access logs, vulnerability scans, etc.

We are now in an invitation-only beta phase — if you’re interested in joining please fill out the form at the bottom of the BasicHIPAA home page and someone will contact you about participation.

We look forward to feedback and helping you meet your compliance needs!

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