MountainPass was involved with Whooley from the very beginning of the project, with the keen management of Jack as CTO. Not only did he help with original storyboarding, technical infrastructure, and execution, but he also built a transparent rapport with the team that allowed us to constantly learn from his expertise.

With the transition of our development team to outsourcing in Ukraine, he oversaw the project’s progress to ensure quality and accurate implementation of features. With the Whooley team having little experience in the technical complexity of building a mobile application, Jack worked with the team to generate appropriate and unique algorithms to improve limitations brought by the current technology. His diplomatic, patient, and seamless demeanor helped facilitate a strong and unified team here at Whooley.

We would highly recommend MountainPass to any client looking for mobile application development. When you hire Jack, you’re not only getting a talented technical perspective, but you’re getting a dedicated and committed mentor who cares about the success of your project. Whooley wouldn’t be where it is today without MountainPass.

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