EdgeConneX needed an interactive Real Estate Portfolio Search tool for its customers. The project entailed obtaining data from our cloud-based, internally-focused data warehouse system and presenting that to our select customers in a Google maps like interface.

Initially our business concerns were the following:

    1. Interoperability with our cloud-based data warehouse and a new cloud-based customer portal
    2. Maintainability
    3. Performance

MountainPass took our concepts for the project, honed them, and then created a masterpiece of a solution in a very quick and incredibly responsive manner. MountainPass quickly learned our business and translated that into a high-performance user experience. As a PM, it was a delight for someone to learn to speak our language and then deliver while responding to our needs.

It is a pleasure to work with the MountainPass organization. They bothered to learn our business; had the skills to translate that into a beautiful, fully functional web application; and had the responsiveness throughout the project to inspire confidence for an on-time, on-budget delivery.

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