MountainPass has been involved with Citelighter from the very beginning of the project. Jack served as our first CTO and managed every step of the development process, helping us work with an outsourced team in Romania. Jack helped create the timeline for development and oversaw the project’s progress to ensure that our timeline was maintained and we were getting the most out of our hourly resources.

Jack has also led the development of new features on Citelighter, tapping into his own technical resources to ensure that we continue to develop the product in a cost effective, yet efficient manner.

Jack has assisted greatly in our patent application, which is an area he seems to have extensive experience in, which has been a big help to us.

We had no real idea how to manage an overseas development team, how to develop a web application, or how to set up a development process by which everyone involved could be held accountable. Jack did all of that for us.

MPT has been pivotal in our ability to successfully launch and continually improve upon our web technology. From the start of Citelighter, we’ve leaned on Jack and his resources at MPT to help us with our development needs and we look forward to continuing to do so long into the future.

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