jmedia Connections


Jack has served as a Virtual CTO, helping with technical build-out of from early wireframing through deployment to a production environment, including continued support.

Jack worked with us from Day 1 to finalize requirements, work out details with technical partners, and work through several technical challenges to bring the site live. He was able to bring in the right resources at various points in the project and offer feedback as to the difficulty of various ideas for new functionality, allowing us to prioritize accordingly. Since we went live about 18 months ago, Jack and his team have been supporting jdeal’s technical requirements on an ongoing basis, from minor change requests through strategic technological advice.

Prior to engaging MountainPass Tech, we had the concept as well as several vendors that we wanted to use for some of the site’s functionality, but no real knowledge of how that integration would work or what would be required. We worked with Jack early on to manage the relationship with those vendors, and make sure that the integration was done correctly.

As an example of a specific story: The question of integrated native and facebook login was raised early on, for which there was only a vague suggestion of how it might be done, and Jack devised and built a creative solution that enabled users to invisibly choose between two very different login systems. The solution was so distinct that the vendor subsequently worked with Jack on other projects that needed a similar touch.

Jack is a true professional and has proven to not only be a true asset, but a critical member of our team.

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