Mobile Apps

Yes, we build native apps! From small experimental projects to mass-market apps downloaded by millions of users, we’ve gone the distance and can work with you to find the right way to bring your idea to life on mobile platforms. We are also aware of the tech ecosystem that apps live in, and can deliver multi-environment solutions, such as user experiences that move seamlessly from the web to mobile and back.

Full Service Application Development

Got a great idea for a website, web-based service, or mobile application, but not sure how to proceed? We can be your technology partner, helping you scope out the optimal list of features for a first release, whiteboard out user flow through the application, create wireframes with optional usability testing, build high fidelity photoshop mockups of the final pages, choose appropriate technologies and platforms, and get the application built. Finally, we will help you find the right place to have the site hosted over the long term, including site monitoring and maintenance.

Virtual CTO Services

Are you a small company that has tech needs but insufficient resources/need for a full-time CTO? MountainPass Technology can provide CTO-like services (team building and management, platform selection, tech strategy and planning, etc.) on a part-time basis for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CTO.

HIPAA and Security Consulting

If you own or process data that if compromised, could present privacy violations for your users, you need to be thinking of how to protect that data. We can walk you through the various dimensions of protecting Personally Identifiable Information and what it takes to set up a secure infrastructure. We can help you design and build an infrastructure that will pass a PCI or HIPAA audit, including concerns such as virus protection, encryption, SSL, certificates, firewall zones, intrusion detection, and other requirements that would be part of a third party audit of your systems.