CASE STUDY:University Of Maryland

“We would highly recommend Jack and his team to others looking to develop mobile applications and websites.“

- Carl W. Lejuez, Ph.D. &
Jennifer Dahne, M.S.
Center for Addictions, Personality, and Emotion Research (CAPER)
University of Maryland, College Park
About the Project

MountainPass collaborated with us in the conceptualization and development of Behavioral Apptivation. Behavioral Apptivation is a mobile application adaptation of Brief Behavioral Activation (BA), which is an empirically supported therapy for the treatment of depression and other co-occurring disorders. MountainPass developed both a patient mobile application and a web-based provider portal. Both components help to make the treatment easier for providers to administer and for patients to complete. Working with Read More…


“We would highly recommend MountainPass to any client looking for mobile application development. Whooley wouldn’t be where it is today without them.“

-Tessa Husain, CEO of Whooley
About the Project

MountainPass was involved with Whooley from the very beginning of the project, with the keen management of Jack as CTO. Not only did he help with original storyboarding, technical infrastructure, and execution, but he also built a transparent rapport with the team that allowed us to constantly learn from his expertise. With the transition of our development team to outsourcing in Ukraine, he oversaw the project’s progress to ensure quality Read More…


“ I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to successfully deliver on a project.“

- Jeff Schneiderman, Former CTO and currently Co-Founder and CTO of
About the Project

MountainPass worked on two projects for blufr™ and a developer website. Blufr is an social trivia game for the web, Facebook and iPhone platforms. MountainPass performed the server-side web and API development, and coordinated with both the iPhone and facebook developers. The developer website was created by MountainPass to serve as a portal for developers to learn and use a newly created API. MountainPass created the site Read More…

CASE STUDY:Edgeconnex

"It is a pleasure to work with the MountainPass organization -- They built us a beautiful, fully functional web application."

- L. Devin VP of Marketing
About the Project

EdgeConneX needed an interactive Real Estate Portfolio Search tool for its customers. The project entailed obtaining data from our cloud-based, internally-focused data warehouse system and presenting that to our select customers in a Google maps like interface. Initially our business concerns were the following: Interoperability with our cloud-based data warehouse and a new cloud-based customer portal Maintainability Performance MountainPass took our concepts for the project, honed them, and then created Read More…

CASE STUDY:Citelighter

"MPT has been pivotal in our ability to successfully launch and continually improve upon our web technology."

- Lee Jokl, COO & Co-founder
About the Project

MountainPass has been involved with Citelighter from the very beginning of the project. Jack served as our first CTO and managed every step of the development process, helping us work with an outsourced team in Romania. Jack helped create the timeline for development and oversaw the project’s progress to ensure that our timeline was maintained and we were getting the most out of our hourly resources. Jack has also led Read More…

CASE STUDY:Jmedia Connections

"Jack is a true professional and has proven to not only be a true asset, but a critical member of our team. "

-Allen Ganz, Co-Founder
About the Project

Jack has served as a Virtual CTO, helping with technical build-out of from early wireframing through deployment to a production environment, including continued support. Jack worked with us from Day 1 to finalize requirements, work out details with technical partners, and work through several technical challenges to bring the site live. He was able to bring in the right resources at various points in the project and offer feedback Read More…