The Project As It Is


So many conversations recently seem to be coming down to whether two people can look at the world and at least agree on SOME subset of facts. I’ve taken to calling this The World As It Is — a core set of facts that like them or not, are basically not up for discussion. Having these core set of “truths” (that some might claim should be self-evident) are what enables … Read More

BasicHIPAA: Self-service HIPAA Compliance and Security Risk Assessments


We are proud to announce that our new self-service HIPAA compliance portal is now live. Check it out at! The project was born out of 10 years of working with organizations to get their compliance house in order. We found a lot of confusion as to what was required and how to get there, and over the course of walking them through the various requirements we found that a … Read More

Five Years. Tech Stream of Consciousness.


Five years ago MountainPass Technology began its work of helping companies of all sizes on web and mobile software development projects. Five years later, it is a thrill to be in touch with most of those companies and to have watched them grow, evolve, change, and learn as markets continue to shift at incredible speeds. We’ve seen iOS go through several versions and a major design change (losing skeuomorphism in … Read More