About MountainPass Technology

MountainPass Technology provides consulting and services for companies who need to create products on the web and on mobile devices, either in place of or in conjunction with an in-house technology department.

Our Core Team

Jack Kustanowitz, Principal

Jack founded MountainPass Technology in early 2010 to be the technology partner he was always looking for in previous management roles. Jack has over 16 years of experience managing teams to create and deploy intuitive, attractive, scalable, and secure mobile applications and web applications. On iOS and Android, he worked extensively on the NPR Music and News apps (with millions of downloads), and led development of several other apps including GrapeVine, iCall4Help, HabitWatch, SeasonClock, and others. He led teams to create user-facing web sites such as blufr.com, jdeal.com, Mood247.com, CareCentral.com and ThriftyPatient.com, did extensive work on back end systems to support the Answers.com and HealthCentral.com (each with millions of PV/month), and worked with Privia Health on a full application redesign and HIPAA compliance audit. He also has expertise in setting up operational infrastructure, data warehousing, CPL advertising and lead generation, and email deliverability, and has provided consulting for dozens of companies on a variety of technical challenges.

Jack has a BS in Computer Systems Engineering from Boston University, and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, where he did research at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. He grabs time when he can to play through some Beethoven piano sonatas and is looking forward to hiking with his two sons over an actual mountain pass when they get old enough.

Zachary Gavin, Senior Software Engineer

Zach started programming at the age of 15 on a TI-83 calculator and before long he was creating websites professionally. While studying Computer Science at the George Washington University he got a job at HealthCentral.com, where he met Jack, with whom he has been working ever since.

At HealthCentral, Zach mastered iPhone and Ruby on Rails development and was instrumental in developing back end and front end systems for lead generation, data warehousing, social networking, and content management. While there he also co-wrote the HabitWatch iPhone app. Since coming to MountainPass, Zach has worked with clients such as National Public Radio, Privia Health, and EdgeConnex on iOS and Ruby on Rails projects.

Eric Miedlar, Software Engineer

Eric first got involved in web development writing automated tools for Answers.com while in college. Since then he’s worked in Ruby on Rails, PHP, Android, Java, and javascript Chrome extensions.

Eric played a central role in creating a Rails-based, user-friendly preference card management and retrieval system for a hospital OR, which required pulling data from a large number of excel spreadsheets and importing them into a relational database with AJAX front-end. He has also been the primary developer on community tools for the large Answers.com community, which manages a question/answer database with millions of entries.

Our Extended Team

We have a close network of graphic designers, front/back-end developers, and usability experts who are “part of the family” and are regular contributors to projects. They are able to enter and exit a project quickly and as needed, bring their professionalism and expertise where it’s needed, and make an immediate difference.

If resource needs exceed our availability, we rely on years-long relationships with individuals and partner companies to provide the team needed for a project. These extended team members are each handpicked and vetted for their skill set and ability to deliver a quality product, letting us scale quickly and dramatically to meet project needs, always centrally managed with single point of contact.