MountainPass worked on two projects for blufr™ and a developer website.

Blufr is an social trivia game for the web, Facebook and iPhone platforms. MountainPass performed the server-side web and API development, and coordinated with both the iPhone and facebook developers.

The developer website was created by MountainPass to serve as a portal for developers to learn and use a newly created API. MountainPass created the site along with the API documentation and sample code snippets.

The work in both projects was delivered on-time with an extremely high level of quality and professionalism. MountainPass was an excellent communicator throughout the projects and it was really a pleasure to work with such a high-caliber team.

Since Jack Kustanowitz, MountainPass’ founder, and I had worked together professionally as colleagues in the past, I didn’t have any concerns when we contracted MountainPass to work for us. I knew that the project would be a success in every way and I was not disappointed.

I remember a certain incident on the blufr project where there was an extremely elusive bug with the iPhone / Server communication. Even though MountainPass was not contracted to work on the iPhone app, they jumped into the iPhone code, found the problem and suggested a fix. It was a great example of doing what was necessary to just get the job done.

It was a pleasure working with MountainPass and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to successfully deliver on a project. Words simply do not express the positive experience that we had.

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